The new Risk-Based Registration initiative is intended to ensure that entities are subject to the correct sets of applicable Reliability Standards by using a consistent approach to risk assessment and registration. The initiative is also aligned with the 2012 revisions to the definition of the BES.


Under the Risk-Based Registration initiative, NERC will:


• Modify the Compliance Registry criteria to

o Remove Purchasing-Selling Entities  and Interchange Authorities as functional registration categories

o Modify the threshold for registering entities as Distribution Providers, including raising the load baseline from 25 MW to 75 MW

o Align five functional registration categories to the definition of the BES

Implement a risk-based application of sub-set lists of Reliability Standards to underfrequency load shedding-only Distribution Providers

Implement procedural revisions to the registration process to establish a materiality test for registration and a process to review registration, deactivation and deregistration decisions


While the Commission found NERC’s overall goal reasonable, it gave NERC 60 days to provide more information on the proposal to remove Load-Serving Entities from the registry criteria to ensure that there are no reliability gaps and  directed NERC to include Reliability Standard PRC-005, Transmission and Generation Protection System Maintenance and Testing, as applicable to underfrequency load shedding-only Distribution Providers.


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