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 NERC Certification: Exam Preparation Program
Designed to help you get your System Operator certification, the SOS System Operator NERC Certification: Exam Preparation Program provides the fundamental knowledge relating to the NERC Certification Content Outlines and the basic principles of the Bulk Electric System (BES). There are four specialty examinations that focus on different areas. 
These four NERC certification exams include:
At SOS, our NERC Certification: Exam Preparation Program assesses your individual training needs and guides you through a program designed to provide you with the basic concepts and knowledge needed to succeed on the NERC exam. Our program utilizes a systematic approach to training and takes into account different learning styles. 

Our Program follows these steps:
1. SOS NERC Pre-Assessment Evaluation - assesses your basic knowledge of the BES and the NERC Certification Content Outlines. We then tailor our program to you. Depending on the outcome of the assessment, additional courses may be recommended.
2. SOS NERC Certification: Exam Preparation Online - provides a good foundation of prerequisite knowledge for exam candidates. Click here to find out about the latest update to our online program.
3. SOS NERC Certification: Exam Preparation Instructor-led Class - a three day, fast-paced comprehensive final review preparing students with test-taking tips, study hints, and a variety of resources that will give an added edge in taking the NERC Exam. This class also focuses on the NERC Certification Content Outline for the exams. Our NERC Trainers have extensive backgrounds in adult learning theory and the power industry, as well as holding System Operator Certifications. Click here to find out more about this class. 
4. End of Program Exam (OHM Exam) - gives you three exam options depending on your NERC certification track containing test questions covering relevant content areas.  Each test has a specific concentration depending on which specialty examination you are taking. 
Instructor Mentoring is also available for one-on-one guidance as needed. Our NERC Trainers can analyze a student's exam preparation history and recommend a path for success based on an individual's knowledge and experience.
Every Friday afternoon, from 2:00-3:00 PM (EST), students can talk to our NERC instructors to ask questions and get additional information in areas they find challenging. See Student Support for more information or check out our frequently asked questions.  
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